Cossacks war again


Tired of climbing on an Internet search of Cossacks?

Then you came to the right place.

It is here that you can download free Cossacks, with otvyazku on the disc and a weight of only 227MB !!!

But just for reference, followed by the purchase of the original disk.


1) instalyashki game "Kazaki- Again War" version 1.35 is available on the server of the clan, so download the game Cossacks you will be able to maximize the speed of your internet;
2) after downloading Cossacks you will not have to perform additional steps to install patches on Denmark and patch compatibility with modern graphics cards, as Both of these additions are already present in this assembly! Cossacks Download and play immediately

3) instalyashki packed with maximum compression type and weighs only 227 MB!;
4) All files placed in instalyashki, tested two security packages of relevant databases signatures (Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and a-squared Anti-Malware 4.5), the conclusion odin no viruses!

to start the game you have only download Cossacks war again on the link below.

Thanks [-UNION-] VOIN for this release.

Caution: In the release folder is missing Autorecord, it should create its own, radically games without it you can play, but the records online games will not be saved.

You can also download a version of Cossacks Back to the war, specifically optimized for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Download Cossacks Back to War for Windows 7

Download Cossacks Back to War for Windows 7

Comments (174) for Download Cossacks Back To War Free Version 1.35

  1. STRIJ:

    Well, you try to download, like no one here with the money you do not ask ...

    • osteodsMomo:

      I think that this post must be removed : P

    • Boorryhib:

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    • Donaldagox:

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  2. Anonymous:

    free download?

  3. Anonymous:

    thanks a lot for the game

  4. STRIJ:

    You're welcome!

  5. STRIJ:

    No, nothing like that, everything is unpacked at 100% of the money will not take no =) Play and promote our favorite game =)

  6. Anonymous:

    When raspakuesh 98% nebudet money to tear up =)?

  7. Anonymous:

    Thank you very much =)

  8. Anonymous:

    = 1)

  9. Anonymous:

    where is possible to download Cossacks Back to the war 1.36?

  10. STRIJ:

    Why do you want it? 90% of the players on the server play in 1.35. Can be downloaded from Stima in 1.36, but now there is 1.35 ...

  11. Anonymous:

    ti kruutt muzik. gl hf

  12. STRIJ:

    =) Yes, I'm cool))))

  13. STRIJ:

    =) Successful fights!

  14. Anonymous:

    ATP for the Cossacks game fucking
    Aftoru RKSPEKT =)

  15. Speed ​​40 CAB (

  16. untiL:

    I nonsense, why then no no companies other than training !!!! I held her and still nothing ...
    Th for garbage ????

  17. U309_STRIJ:

    In this version of the game, the developers forgot to put the company. They are not just here, just learning, play on the Internet, there is interesting. But if you strongly need to, I can put a little later mission for this version or another version of the Cossacks.

  18. untiL:

    thank you! yes it would be nice ....

  19. to be honest as I can remember in the Cossack war again (only versions of games are not installed, including the license from the disk or from Steam) companies has always been only one company- tutorial! everything else in the single missions! I generally thought that the SWR is the add-on (as in the box with the game right and it is written, so the company is only one, and the whole point of 100 single-player missions (which is also explicitly stated in the disc) ... and that there is also company?

  20. U309_STRIJ:

    Warrior, but seen on some sites, craftsmen pushed on again war mission of the previous versions, it is necessary to look where it was ... And so long ago read that they are in a hurry just forgot to add them in this version. If you can not find it, then lay out the Cossacks previous version along with the missions.

  21. for those who want to play the game again recommend us on Steam:
    as recently on sale officially appeared addition to companies for this version of the game:

  22. U309_STRIJ:

    Well, thank you! I have stim =) Again, thanks to you!

  23. Simon:

    Perezaleyte mirror!

  24. glory:

    very very best game

  25. unionvoin:

    I created a new instalyashki (258 MB) and posted on the FTP Clan:
    direct link:
    Old deleted, adapted to the new W7 ...

  26. Chciony:

    ATP per game
    one author

  27. Byc :

    People !!!
    Company - this is when you are going to drink beer with friends.
    And then, in that they are playing alone in a Cossacks - this campaign.

  28. Strateg:

    I have the game on the local network is very high speed, it is impossible to play, changing the settings does nothing! How to reduce the speed to normal?

    • U309_STRIJ:

      Try it in the game press the key combination ctrl + d, it should slow down the game, but if you still fast, then osta.tsya zamedlyalki processor, well, or is the best option - to play over the Internet, there is a much lower rate!

  29. ylkshiid:

    I can not create a network game (((((, start button is inactive. Pomozhite !!!!!!!!!!

  30. Dmitry:

    Vus right! Campaign! Well, actually I did a mission to create a game (script editor). Campaign can not. Stricter "single".

  31. Dmitry:


  32. bob:

    yy me the Windows 7 game does not even start to do that

  33. bob:

    CU ME game does not start

  34. Geser:

    Help. My game starts, all the main menu opens, but the mouse does not work and I can not choose Nitsche and, respectively, and can not play Che do?

  35. Igor D:

    Good day!
    Guys, really need advice!
    Game download, install, open, BUT (!) Mouse, the touchpad ... do not react, and therefore, does not go !!!
    What ???
    Maybe someone from the previously mentioned this issue, solved this problem ???
    Can you please tell !!!
    Computer and the mouse is not old, Win7 x64.
    I would be very grateful to solve this problem - it's too lacking Kazakov!

  36. Dimych:

    Hello ;)
    downloaded and installed, but when I play the image lag, pixels are colored or just the screen is black, how to fix it? I play on the seven

  37. Igor D:

    2 U309_STRIJ
    Thank you very much for your reply, rocked today with the specified page from the deposit, but the result is the same - or Bat or touchpad ...
    Maybe there are still some options that ?!

    • U309_STRIJ:

      I have long been a problem ... it's all because of the mouse, try to put on her new driver. If possible, try another mouse through the entrance ps2. Or decrease the speed of your mouse. I mean dpi

  38. Igor D:

    Thank you!
    I will try.

  39. Dima:

    And you can play with the Cossacks in the other guys on the Internet? As DotA say ...

  40. Riddik:

    ribyata can not download prompt

  41. Riddik:

    so in love with their play

  42. RIDDIK :

    zagruzhaet 7 minutes more Palavin continue negruzet

  43. Azamat:


  44. sad:

    podskawite kak sdelat'tak 4toby igra avtomati4eski ne proigryvalas'. Kogda 9 toka zahowu uzheprihoditsoobwenie vy proigrali kak ispravit '??

  45. Fucker:

    and this can be igrutsshku online play?

  46. fyks:

    ja ska4al kozaki vonu ne udytj wto za hernja

  47. anvitan:

    The game has loaded, I can not play - the cursor nedvizhetsya WHAT TO DO?

  48. turar:

    turar bolgan

  49. MOLNIYA:

    How to connect to Internet to play?

  50. anton :

    download a game? de press to enable set the game I do not rummage

  51. vitalki:

    vo eto igrulia interesno po seti porejusi

  52. tural :

    xopowaya iqra :)

  53. Cossacks my favorite stratezhka with 5 years of playing only the creators say they have broken up and made games like Metro 2033 and stalker Cossacks and vabsche team cool

  54. Alex:

    Thank you for your game

  55. Alish :

    da pravda luchshe

  56. Alish :

    Well thank you

  57. Experienced:

    Th you drive I schyas play Cossacks with companies!
    where you can go for different nations, each of 4-5 missions!

  58. Zodiac:

    Strange, I downloaded the file from the mirror, pressed install, it downcast on the 1st file 10 seconds, then the window "game has been successfully installed" and pressed to complete ... but it nefiga not established a shortcut on the desktop appeared, but writes files say no.

  59. Jersika:

    Kalai zhazuga Bolat)) komektesinizdershi)) Kusti Oiyn


    Class thanks

  61. dascha:

    I already downloaded from all ssylak you posted, does not appear anywhere, everywhere kakieto problemy.Chto do?

  62. dascha:

    rather download, but an error on startup

  63. Sergey :

    thank you how are you doing Th

  64. Sergey :

    I need to download this game

  65. yyy :

    Broken links

  66. xcho:

    ya skacivayu fail no tam ne mijem atkrit tam napisana shto fail zapushena drugoi kampyutra kak skachay kazaku skajte mne lyudi i patom kak istalacya zdelyut na kampyutre

  67. Alexei:

    Thanks to the administration for such a good game and for free website are not many downloaded from this site 1 game Cossacks on Computer and on the laptop does not want to but I do not know much on the laptop but within 3 seconds when it opens the main menu of the game is simply mouse does not move I do not understand why the stele can help you answer the ATP's new art for such a nice game.

  68. NAREK:

    kak igru ​​skacat

  69. xbv:

    I previously downloaded from here cuts version rar archive, and now instead it gives a link to insalyashku.Pochemu?

  70. Acne:

    Pliz pamagite not run Cossacks magician vykiduet always have me stait vidiokarta ATT radeon 3450 512MB pamagite hachu paigrat in Cossacks ??? ...... ..

  71. san:

    and how many hours it will kachyatsya

  72. Andrey:

    Th for garbage downloaded what that mininstall.exe ??

    • U309_STRIJ:

      This installer multibars for windows, just a game packed with it and push it to download all the Cossacks.

  73. Handsome!:

    and after that download ?? DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD COSSACKS Cossack or (mirror)

  74. Andrey:

    And please tell me how to build brick walls and towers? Or is it possible for a certain nation? Thank you

    • U309_STRIJ:

      Brick walls and towers are available from any nation, but to build a forge and art depot, then they will. And in the game options to be with towers and guns stand.

  75. Zhangir:

    I want to download it and I'm just a newbie

  76. Timur:

    guys what could be the problem I always hang writes that all scans the menu and played with a friend noticed that he said that when I browse the menu and I see that all look me and when I press F3 all becomes all the rules in what could be the problem prompt please play rules can not be until the end, not as a 10-15 minute so her vylaziet!
    Waiting for reply Thanks in advance!

    • U309_STRIJ:

      Perhaps not pull your internet, or too large number of units on the map and does not pull komputer ...

  77. Unable to initalise Direct Draw .It is possible that hardware acceleration is turned off

    Cho is for messages while in vilazit Cossacks? And do not get rid of as zahodit.Podskazhite etogo post has plizzzzz

  78. Bench:

    Please tell me via hamachi play with zhdrugom possible or not?

  79. Bench:

    And you can not explain in detail how to play, I have the same version, downloaded hamachi, pstavili them in the first place, creating a game, and I did not dorug see!
    Thanks in advance!

    • U309_STRIJ:

      Network: XXX
      password: XXX
      later in the game: Network plays Protivostoyanie- Direct TCP \ IP
      1) If you create a room, then simply click "Create"
      2) if the room is set up a rival, in the column for direct IP TCP \ IP enter its IP-address, it is displayed in the list of players that are on the network XXX, right in front of his nickname! and presses "Connect"!

      If you can not try a program through GameRanger

  80. Bench:

    Does not work, I see it, do not connect (

  81. Bench:

    Xcherez GameRanger it works!
    Thank you!

  82. Ruslan:

    Th for me Cossack not skaivaetsya

  83. Anuar :

    Bro how to download?

  84. Misha:

    I can not download a disc bought will not plow well nadaelo help pozhalusta ((((((((((

  85. John:

    where the company take?


    how to download?

  87. Lech:

    I think that the game is the COSSACKS potryastnaya game in the world!

  88. Lech:


  89. brick:

    Waiting for a new computer, buy a couple of days, then it will be 7 instead of XP, and I can play, download nature tut.Spasibo for everything!

    For those who need a campaign, buy gold Cossacks kolektsyyu.Eto pos argument of kings + Europe voy.Budut all single, campaign and if you go into the menu and do not touch the mouse and that does not push, it will take you through a couple of 15-10 sec filmchikov) )

  90. brick:

    It was only for windows 7? AMPs and tell you how to download. (Detail) I do not mogu.Pozhaluysto!

    Thanks in advance!

  91. Andrew:

    I want to download

  92. Andrew :

    skakachayte game I

  93. Andrew :


  94. Andrew :



  95. Sasha :

    And where to download the first Cossacks?

  96. Lisa:

    I downloaded, and when I run, says that you can not sohrnit file? what is it?

  97. Ivan:

    as well as playing on an Internet? for example I want withother sіgrat and he at the other end of the city?

  98. zaharrr:

    Described above is that in "Hamachi".
    But as online play does not understand that it is impossible eV and servaki find .. Regyus, and don `t know what the code .. Here she ask for help to understand ... unless of course it is at all possible
    PSZaranee grateful!

  99. Varuj:

    I started with Drugova ,,, site but when I go to the game at the push start to start the game, out of the game ,,, please help who can

  100. авваааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа

  101. ATAMAN:

    KAK SKACHAT VERSIYU 1,35 ?????????????????????????

  102. U309_STRIJ:

    One should not think that you are the smartest =) There are no viruses downloaded through a particular service that offers to install satellite meil.

  103. kolka:

    downloaded from a mail with garbage on the desktop, but the game is not. some H.

  104. Fridrih:

    My question is, where to buy the game if it is not present in the shop and ktomu I'll upload it if I'm on a netbook

  105. kantip otkorso bolot

  106. Vlad:

    hachu іgru

  107. Lord:

    How to download?

  108. Lord:

    vopsche here you can download?

  109. vfhgfgfd:

    Admin, you're an asshole.
    Previously, you could normalno swing, but you can see your ssuchivshiesya roots took over the few human that you were and now you uebischnaya scum. Congratulate you admin.

  110. ak-47:

    as skachyat Cossacks war again

  111. X:

    vfhgfgfd, support.

  112. Tom:

    Where to download Vista? and is it?

  113. 65skif:

    Tell please I have not saved the game what should I do?

  114. Valentin:

    I know the codes for this game

  115. myxa:

    pozor ne ska4ivaetsya

  116. Someone tell me whether there is a new AI for Cossacks Cossacks first?

  117. Shamil:

    Hello everyone !!! People is an online game or not?

  118. Sanya:

    Help on vin7 set Cossacks problem! нет звука в игре, только случайные треки и нац. музыка. Звуков пушек сражения и т.д НЕТ

  119. Lyalyalya:

    Почему у меня ссылка на скачиваете черным отмечена и не нажимается?

  120. серега :

    как скачать казаки

  121. Vladan13 :

    я согласен с серегой где скачать игру так и не нашел

  122. elnur :

    как скачат игру

  123. ннн :

    А где ссылка?

  124. oтличная игра

  125. равастл мчавнлттис амчаагрлтор ампрагпоитпирш

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